Alliance for Peace is a non-profit and nongovernmental organisation that holds an approved deductible gift recipient charity status (DGR). It was created in 2010 and is based in Newcastle, NSW.

It empowers war-torn communities by helping to reduce poverty and social marginalisation. Alliance for Peace strives to protect and advocate for refugees and prevent or solve conflicts that may arise in their resettlement to new countries.

Alliance for Peace has a primary goal to help grass roots communities (children and families) overcome poverty and social injustice. Supporting our cause helps to reduce global inequality and bring greater freedom and justice to the people who need it most.

Our objectives

To partner with existing resettlement services to assist Africans to resettle in Australia and to maintain their sense of cultural identity. To provide the means to empower Women towards self-sufficiency in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. To support education programs in the Great Lakes region of Africa and East African Region as well. To help refugees resettled in Australia to find affordable accommodation. To promote peace and Development in the Great Lakes region of Africa. To develop African-Australian community networks to assist in creating sustainable communities for Africans affected by war.

Our vision

Love, harmony and dignity for all people. We strive for peace from within, harmony with our neighbours, the environment and freedom for all people.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on making connections with people across continents, drawing on themes of commonality, humility and care. This extends beyond our immediate geographical location to connections between Australia and Africa. Alliance for Peace is unique because we extend our generous hand and compassionate heart.